On November 17th 2005 I traveled with '3 Blind Mice'  to Beaumont, Texas to play as the opening act for Johnny and Edgar Winters  "Still Alive and Well Homecoming Benefit" . It was a benefit for the victims of the Hurricane Rita. It was also a presentation to the Winter brothers with a key to the City of Beaumont and a set of 2 stepping stones to be placed in Ford Park commemorating the fact that they were born and raised there.

     '3 Blind Mice' performed songs including 'Listen to the Music' 'Get Back" and Don't be Cruel' . The crowds response to the bands performance was very good from the very first song with the applause steadily increasing after each song. Next the band did 'Born on the Bayou' on which I played a Harmonica Solo. The crowd had a very positive reaction, cheering me on as I played the song. All of this is quite an honor to me and the band. To realize that out of all of the bands in the U.S. to be picked for such a historic event is overwhelming to me. I take the liberty for the band to say thanks to everyone involved in making this possible. It certainly goes down as being one of the highlights for me as a musician.  More

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Steven Smith - Guitar and Harmonica



3 Blind Mice are:

Peter Duffield - Guitar and Vocals

Armand Kahn - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Ken Herrington - Lead Guitar

Scott Randall - Drums and Percussion


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